Il “male” spiegato (in fretta)

Prima domanda: perché esiste?

Ok, d’ accordo, Dio ci ha resi liberi e quindi anche capaci di perpetrare il male…

… however, if the only suffering in the world were that caused by humans… many of us would not have very much opportunity to make… crucial choices which are so important for forming our characters… Humans need the pain and disability caused by disease and old age if we
are to have the opportunity to choose freely whether to be patient and cheerful, or to be gloomy and resentful, in the face of our own suffering; and the opportunity to choose freely to show or not to show compassion to others who suffer…


Dio avrebbe dunque il diritto di imporre sofferenze se cio’ è per il nostro bene o il bene degli altri. Pensiamo a un genitore…

Parents have a (very limited) right to allow their children to suffer for the sake of some good to others. They have the right to send a daughter to a neighbourhood school which she will not enjoy very much, in order to cement community relations. And they have the right to entrust a younger son to the care of an elder son, even if there is a risk that the elder son will hurt the younger son to some degree, in order that the elder son may have the  responsibility for his younger brother. It is nevertheless a great privilege to be of use to someone else, not just by what you choose to do but by what you are allowed to suffer. The girl sent to the neighbouring school is privileged to be allowed to contribute to cementing community relations by her less than enjoyable schooling. The rights of parents over children are, however, very limited because it is only to a very limited extent that they are the source of the existence and well-being of their children. God, who keeps humans in existence from moment to moment and gives them all their limited powers and freedom, has a far greater
right to impose suffering on humans…

Chiudiamo con un azzardo:

I am inclined to think that it would be an equal best action for God to create humans with the great goods which I have described together with the bad things which must accompany them, and an equal best action for God not to create humans with either the good things
or the bad things…



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