Sesta meditazione del Credo niceno: Inferno e Paradiso


A quanto pare il Paradiso non è proprio una ricompensa:

… only those who love doing actions which are good for their own sake would be happy there in Haeven…

Inferno? Perché il “confino”:

God has good reason to allow people to hurt others in this world, in order to give them and those others significant choices between good and evil and the opportunities to form their characters. But there is no good reason for God to allow people to go on hurting others in another world after their characters are formed. So those who have allowed themselves to become totally bad people will be a collection of unfulfilled desires, and that will inevitably be an unhappy state, which would constitute living in Hell…

Inferno? Una questione di rispetto.

he must respect that choice and permit them permanently to reject him and all that he stands for. Otherwise in creating humans God would be like a puppet master who ensures that in the end every human does what he (God) wants, and has no ultimate freedom to determine the sort of person they are to be.



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